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Friendly Fire
Friendly Fire
Friendly Fire
Friendly fire
Friendly fire
Friendly fire
Friendly fire
Friendly fire
Friendly fire

FRIENDLY FIRE  is inadvertent firing towards one's own or otherwise friendly forces while attempting to engage enemy forces. 

FRIENDLY FIRE  is about deep memories hidden inside one's body.

Mind-souvenirs of people who've grown up in trouble spots - places they nevertheless love, because they are called "home". A home where they have seen friendly fires, humanitarian bombings. Where they themselves might have been targets when waiting for love.

We are playing in a shattered film, filled with a multitude of uniforms worn by different types of security forces. Bodies remember old marks and reflect the past, even after they stopped crying in crisis areas. Nowadays, we can joke and dance with the cluster ammunitions and a security that is potentially frightening. We know how to dance on a minefield.

Choreography            Arthur Kuggeleyn

Music                            Christian Meyer

Light                              Sherif Sahiti

Dance                            Behie Murtezi,  

                                        Drilon Podrimçaku,  

                                        Fisnik Smani,  

                                         Jeta Musolli, 

                                         Katie McGuffey, 

                                         Kreshnik Musolli, 

                                         Labinot Rexhepi, 

                                         Leonora Rexhepi,  

                                          Luljeta Ademi, 

                                          Liridon Mziu, 

                                          Marigona Hoxha, 

                                          Muhamet Bikliqi,

                                          Sinan Kajtazi, 

                                           Sead Vuniqi, 

                                           Teuta Krasniqi, 

                                            Vjollca Llugiqi,

                                            Vlora Prizreni, 

                                            Abetare Hyseni, 

                                             Aulona Nuhiu, 

                                             Mimoza Bytyqi, 

                                              Nora Gashi, 

                                              Vlora Ahmeti

Photos                                 Bardha Neziri

Director                              Ahmet Brahimaj

Production                         Kosovo Ballet, Teatri Kombetar, Pristina

                                              With support of the Netherlands Embassy in Kosovo

Premiere                               13 October 2011, Teatri Kombetar, Pristina

  © Arthur Kuggeleyn / Schloss Bröllin / 17309 Bröllin / Germany