Arthur Kuggeleyn + Co dance theater



The theatre and dance shows of the Dutch choreographer Arthur Kuggeleyn, define themselves by their lack of compromise. Challenging conventions, they regularly trigger off astonishment, fascination, and, for some, discomfort. His controversial works always provoke strong reactions.

Through intense collaboration with dancers, actors and musicians, he developed first in Berlin a furious physical theatre spectacle company and after in Switzerland his own choreographic “trance dance” style, based on loops made out of sounds and visual images.

This continuous repetition of movements and sounds fills the space with energy, unleashing the scenic process: exhibition of the body and movements, confrontation between interpreters and spectators, aggression, psychic nakedness, eroticism and humour.

The moving body’s energy and the emphasis on emotions, senses, movements, hypnosis are always at the center of his realisations. The artistic search of Arthur Kuggeleyn is in a permanent evolution.

Appause wildflower

  © Arthur Kuggeleyn / Schloss Bröllin / 17309 Bröllin / Germany