1. *on 22 October is a triple bill dance evening in the Hanoi Opera, for the celebration of 50 years of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Switzerland with choreographies from Tran Ly Ly, Khai Ngoc Vu and Arthur Kuggeleyn, the artistically director for this Gala evening collaborating with the VNOB (Vietnam National Orchestra & Ballet).

  1. *Working on “A long poem about boundaries”, this is a collaboration with the Vietnamese Artist Chinh Ba. Premiere planned for August 2021 in HoiAn, Vietnam.

  1. *Workshop & preventing Covid Choreography for Indian school kids.

  For YUWAAH, an Unicef program.

* Workshop at CAB Hoi An in March ’21

  1. *The German Band she-dog has used rare video material from the RA.M.M. performance “Embryonale evolutionaere Stauforschung” for their new song “deep in a mine”


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