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   “Wild Flowers” A new piece for the JIN XING dance theatre
     is having premiere in China in March 2018 

   “POISON” new dance-theatre piece 27/28 January ’18 in Zeughaus
     Kultur, Brig-Glis  
   POISON workshop Arthur Kuggeleyn from 16 to 20 October ’17
     in Brig, Switzerland. Organized by Artichoc dance studios.

   13 - 15 October ’17 SCHLOSS BROELLIN is celebrating their 25 years     
     of being with several performances for example a excavator
     choreography with Anca Huma by Arthur Kuggeleyn! 
     We see us there...

  In 2017 the Jin Xing Dance company is touring with Cage Birds
     as part of the “Trinity” show all over China in the Poly theaters.




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