How many different types of information we can perceive simultaneously. Capture, edit and evaluate.

Our estimate comparison, makes a life-saving decision and realize an actual physical implementation of it, in milliseconds, while your life pass by.

This complexity is illustrated to the target and the choreographic challenge of "Master of Complications".

Repeated movements that are coordinated and complement each other perfectly, functioning in its full complexity. If a movement has an error, it hangs the whole system.



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Arthur Kuggeleyn + Co. / Schloss Bröllin  / 17309 Bröllin / Germany / Company(at)arthurkuggeleyn(dot)com

Premiere       19 Mai 2005,

               Arsenic theatre, Lausanne

Choreograph    Arthur Kuggeleyn

Music          Christian Meyer

Technician     Alain Galceron

Costume        Mari Krautschick

Light/Decor    Arthur  Kuggeleyn

Dance          Aude Lenherr

               (Celina Chaulvin)

               Emma Ribbing                    

               Catherine Jodoin

               Marion Dill

               Nabih Amaraoui

               Matthieu Burner

Admin          Denyse Steigmeier ✝

Production     Association Au 7ieme Ciel

Coproduction   Arsenic theatre, Lausanne

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