“The stage is dark, the dancers are spread out in space as the brightly shining figures of a game of draughts: upright and well organized. In this scenery of black and white distance will be the dominating theme rather than relationships.

When your body gets hot: frenzy and repetition, it never ends, it feels like constant massage. If you continue rubbing the muscles will get warm, the body will warm up. And so does the body of the spectator: Taken by the same kind of rapture, driven by the same sound. An effect of trance manifests itself which calls for the frenzy of the audience, forcefully demanding them to surrender to the ecstasy of the acoustic and gesture loop.

Still at the same time resistance creeps up. On which kind of register of dance are we? What kind of a spectator are we made to become, falling between more than just two stools?

As the stage fills itself with a discourse on sex, the stamping of the dance machine continues unmoved. Sex, a long vibration, sex, muscle, physical work of the dancers stringed up on the sole mode of the mechanical, warmth generating vibration. Heating up by all possible mean(ing)s of the term:

HEIZKOERPER is a choreography of skinning and the attempt to constitute itself as a cathartic event: it is the return towards the dance gesture as energy, not as form or composition, the return towards trance and the ringing in of a new aesthetic period.”

excerpts from a text by Isabelle Ginot

*HEIZKOERPER = HEATING BODY, Which in German also signifies “radiator”.



Arthur Kuggeleyn + Co. / Schloss Bröllin  / 17309 Bröllin / Germany / Company(at)arthurkuggeleyn(dot)com

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Premiere           Arsenic Theatre, Lausanne

                   April 2002

Choreography       Arthur Kuggeleyn

Music              st plomb

Dance              Youngsoon Cho

                   (Catherine Jodoin)

                   Corinne Rochet

                   (Emma Ribbing)

                   Roberto Garieri

                   (Nabih Amaroui)

                   Angelo dello Iacono

                   Nicolas Pettit

                   (Sipho Manashe)

                   Fred Gehrig

                   (Jean-Marc Heim)

                   (Mathieu Burner)

Technic            Lionel Haubois

                   (J.P. Hautin)

Photos             Jean Louis Delmotte

Administration     Denyse Steigmeier

Production         Ass. au septieme ciel

Co production      Arsenic theatre

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