ENDLESS provokes a sensual confrontation with infinity for a world where it is more fashionable to live faster and experience shorter. A few long and minimal moments are filled with endless movements. Making big travels with small steps in trance. A hypnotic journey with changing landscapes, danced with deep emotional depths and unexpected stops.

What is Endless and what could be   Endless but can something be Endless and what will be Endless in the end.

A meditative energetic game with limitless repetitions create the endless moments . The result is an abstract level of recurring and seemingly endless cultural patterns of our time.



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Premiere        29 September 2013  

                Zeughaus Kultur,Brig

Choreography    Arthur Kuggeleyn

Music           Christian Meyer

Ass. & dance    Aude Lenherr

Dance           Cosima Grand

                Erika Pirl

                Nicola Turicchia

                Eugene W. Rhodes

                (Michael Briand)

                Gerald Durand

                (Jean Leeman)

Violin player   Xavier Moillen

Light/Sound     Beat Jaggi

Costumes        Mari Krautschick

Stage-decor     Jens K.Kaul

Photos          Thomas Andenmatten

Video           Reinhard Bertholjotti

Administration  Veronika Venetz

Production      Judith Barenfaeller

                Zeughaus productions

supported by    Theater Pro VS,                                                                                                  

                city of Brig-Glis                          

Migros Kulturprozent, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Raiffeisenbank, Nationale Suisse Versicherung, Mobiliar Versicherung

Arthur Kuggeleyn + Co. / Schloss Bröllin  / 17309 Bröllin / Germany / Company(at)arthurkuggeleyn(dot)com

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