About birds who wants to sing but no tune comes out.

About birds who wants to fly but cannot because they caged.

About birds who free themselves but don't know how to fly.

Cage Birds’s energetic and physically demanding choreography for 12 dancers to Christian Meyer’s hypnotic music. Kuggeleyn uses his trade mark TransDance technique with a high rate of repetitive movements to gradually enfold the inner dynamic of the group of performers. Like caged birds the dancers move in their cramped confines. With his creation Kuggeleyn provides an ironical metaphor of modern life and at the same time an impressively physical dance performance to the audience.

Choreography     Arthur Kuggeleyn

Music            Christian Meyer

Light            Wang Peng

Video-work       Arthur Kuggeleyn

Dancers          13 dancers of Jin Xing dance theatre

Costums          Jin Xing

Production       Heinz-Gerd Oidtmann,

                 Purple Star

Photos           Yin Xue Feng

Premiere         10 October 2013 

                 Shanghai Oriental Art Center


Jin Xing Dance Theatre


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