A danced confrontation about physical and mental side effects caused by continuous repetitions.

Everything you do has an effect, big or small, long or short, direct or indirect, sometimes years later. Some effects are controlled and conscious, but some are surprising, unexpected. Maybe we realize our present, but the future effect not.


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Premiere          9 April 2011

                  Zeughaus Kultur Brig

Choreography      Arthur Kuggeleyn

Music             Christian Meyer

Light             Beat Jaggy

Assistant/Dance   Aude Lenherr

                  Catherine Jodoin

Dance             Natalia Elsig

                  Tamara Blumenthal

                  Rahel Eggel

                  Jeannette Salzmann

                  Nicole Theler

                  Isabelle Willa

                  Romed Zeiter

                  Oliver Schmid

                  Ryana Possa

                  Michel Briand

Stage decor       Jens K. Kaul

Photos            Jean-Louis Delmotte

Productmanager    Judith Bärenfaller

Production        Zeughaus Kultur Brig

Arthur Kuggeleyn + Co. / Schloss Bröllin  / 17309 Bröllin / Germany / Company(at)arthurkuggeleyn(dot)com

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